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64-CH 16-Bit 250kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Card

PICMG 2.0 Rev 2.1
16-bit A/D and sampling rate up to 250kS/s
64-CH single-ended or 32-CH differential input
On-board 1k-sample A/D FIFO
Programmable gains of x1, x2, x4, x8
512-configuration channel-gain queue
Bus-mastering DMA for analog inputs
8-CH TTL digital inputs and 8-CH TTL digital outputs
Order Information:
Model Number Description
cPCI-9116 64-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Module
cPCI-9116/6U 64-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Module with 6U Panel
DIN-100S-01 Terminal Board with One 100-pin SCSI-II Connector and DIN-Rail Mounting (Cables are not included)
ACL-102100-1 100-pin SCSI-II cable (mating AMP-7877082-9), 1M

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