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Ring Light Units [Direct Lighting]
These High-density Light Units are ideal for applications where irradiance must be focused at the center of the workpiece.


LDR2 Series
Any angle can be created with CCS¡Çs unique flexible circuit boards. The required irradiance is ensured by radiating direct light towards the center of the workpiece.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LDR2-32RD2 24V / 1.6W D - P - A Outer Φ32mm, Inner Φ10mm, Height 16mm
LDR2-32RD 12V / 1.5W
LDR32-SW2 24V / 1.9W
LDR2-32BL2 24V / 1.9W
LDR2-32BL 24V / 2.0W
LDR2-32GR2 24V / 1.9W
LDR2-32GR 24V / 2.0W
LDR2-42RD2 24V / 2.1W D - P - A Outer Φ42mm, Inner Φ18mm, Height 18mm
LDR2-42RD 12V / 2.1W
LDR2-42SW2 24V / 2.7W
LDR2-42BL2 24V / 2.7W
LDR2-42BL 24V / 2.9W
LDR2-42GR2 24V / 2.7W
LDR2-42GR 24V / 2.9W
LDR2-50RD2 24V / 3.1W D - P - A Outer Φ50mm, Inner Φ28mm, Height 16mm
LDR2-50RD 12V / 3.0W
LDR2-50RD2-WD 24V / 3.1W
LDR2-50RD-WD 12V / 3.0W
LDR2-50SW2 24V / 3.8W
LDR2-50BL2 24V / 3.8W
LDR2-50BL 24V / 4.1W
LDR2-50GR2 24V / 3.8W
LDR2-50GR 24V / 4.1W
LDR2-70RD2 24V / 6.1W D - P Outer Φ70mm, Inner Φ35mm, Height 22mm
LDR2-70RD 12V / 6.0W
LDR2-70RD2-WD 24V / 6.1W
LDR2-70RD-WD 12V / 6.0W
LDR2-70SW2 24V / 7.6W
LDR2-70BL2 24V / 7.6W
LDR2-70BL 24V / 8.2W
LDR2-70GR2 24V / 7.6W
LDR2-70GR 24V / 8.2W
LDR2-90RD2 24V / 11W D - P - A Outer Φ90mm, Inner Φ50mm, Height 20mm
LDR2-90RD 12V / 9.5W
LDR2-90RD2-WD 24V / 11W
LDR2-90RD-WD 12V / 9.5W
LDR2-90SW2 24V / 14W
LDR2-90BL2 24V / 14W
LDR2-90BL 24V / 15W
LDR2-90GR2 24V / 14W
LDR2-90GR 24V / 15W
LDR2-90-30RD2 24V / 14W - Outer Φ90mm, Inner Φ30mm, Height 20mm
LDR2-90-30RD 12V / 14W
LDR2-90-30SW2 24V / 18W
LDR2-90-30BL2 24V / 17W
LDR2-90-30BL 24V / 18W
LDR2-90-30GR2 24V / 17W
LDR2-90-30GR 24V / 18W
LDR2-120RD2-WD 24V / 24W D - P - A Outer Φ120mm, Inner Φ60mm, Height 31.5mm
LDR2-120RD-WD 12V / 24W
LDR2-120SW2 24V / 28W
LDR2-120BL2 24V / 26W
LDR2-120BL 24V / 28W
LDR2-120GR2 24V / 26W
LDR2-120GR 24V / 28W

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