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Ring Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Ring Light Units achieve uniform illumination through diffused light. They are ideal for applications where the entire workpiece must be illuminated uniformly.


LKR Series
LEDs are embedded around a light-guiding diffusion plate. Uniform light is radiated towards the center from a light-emitting surface arranged at an angle to the workpiece.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LKR-70A 12V / 3.0W - Outer Φ74mm, Inner Φ20mm, Height 18mm
LKR-70RD2 24V / 2.6W
LKR-70SW2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70BL2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70A-BL 24V / 4.1W
LKR-70GR2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70A-GR 24V / 4.1W
LKR-70-8RD2 24V / 2.6W - Outer Φ74mm, Inner Φ8mm, Height 18mm
LKR-70-8 12V / 3.0W
LKR-70-8SW2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70-8BL2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70-8-BL 24V / 4.1W
LKR-70-8GR2 24V / 3.8W
LKR-70-8-GR 24V / 4.1W
LKR-125RD2 24V / 4.6W - Outer Φ125mm, Inner Φ25mm, Height 26mm
LKR-125 12V / 4.5W
LKR-125SW2 24V / 5.7W
LKR-125-BL2 24V / 5.7W
LKR-125-BL 24V / 6.1W
LKR-125-GR2 24V / 5.7W
LKR-125-GR 24V / 6.1W

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