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Flat Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Backlights are designed to illuminate workpieces from the back. They are ideal for external appearance photography or penetration photography.


LFL Series
LEDs are embedded around a light-guiding diffusion plate to form these Flat Light Units. Uniform, faint light is radiated from a flat light-emitting surface. As the result of a thin design that is as thin as 6 mm (LFL-612, LFL-1012, and LFL-50), little space is required for installation.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LFL-612RD2 24V / 0.6W - W 26mm x D 38mm x H 6mm
LFL-612 12V / 0.3W
LFL-612SW2 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612BL2 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612-BL 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612GR2 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612-GR 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612RD2-P 24V / 0.6W - W 26mm x D 45mm x H 7mm
LFL-612P 12V / 0.3W
LFL-612SW2-P 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612BL2-P 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612-BL-P 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612GR2-P 24V / 0.4W
LFL-612-GR-P 24V / 0.4W
LFL-1012RD2 24V / 0.6W - W 42mm x D 43mm x H 6mm
LFL-1012 12V / 0.6W
LFL-1012SW2 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012BL2 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012-BL 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012-GR2 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012-GR 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012RD2-P 24V / 0.6W - W 42mm x D 53mm x H 7mm
LFL-1012P 12V / 0.6W
LFL-1012SW2 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012BL2-P 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012-BL-P 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012GR2-P 24V / 0.8W
LFL-1012-GR-P 24V / 0.8W
LFL-3212RD2 24V / 1.6W - W 66mm x D 81mm x H 7mm
LFL-3212 12V / 1.8W
LFL-3212SW2 24V / 2.3W
LFL-3212BL2 24V / 2.3W
LFL-3212-BL 24V / 2.3W
LFL-3212GR2 24V / 2.3W
LFL-3212-GR 24V / 2.4W
LFL-4012RD2 24V / 2.1W - W 74mm x D 95mm x H 7mm
LFL-4012 12V / 2.1W
LFL-4012SW2 24V / 2.7W
LFL-4012BL2 24V / 2.7W
LFL-4012-BL 24V / 2.9W
LFL-4012GR2 24V / 2.7W
LFL-4012-GR 24V / 2.9W
LFL-50RD2 24V / 2.1W - W 72mm x D 72mm x H 6mm
LFL-50 12V / 2.4W
LFL-50SW2 24V / 3.1W
LFL-50BL2 24V / 3.0W
LFL-50-BL 24V / 3.3W
LFL-50GR2 24V / 3.0W
LFL-50-GR 24V / 3.3W
LFL-100RD2 24V / 5.1W LC-LFL-100 W 120mm x D 132mm x H 8mm
LFL-100 12V / 4.2W
LFL-100SW2 24V / 5.3W
LFL-100BL2 24V / 5.3W
LFL-100-BL 24V / 5.7W
LFL-100GR2 24V / 5.3W
LFL-100-GR 24V / 5.7W
LFL-180RD2 24V / 7.1W LC-LFL-180 W 177mm x D 214mm x H 8mm
LFL-180 12V / 7.2W
LFL-180SW2 24V / 9.1W
LFL-180BL2 24V / 9.1W
LFL-180-BL 24V / 9.8W
LFL-180GR2 24V / 9.1W
LFL-180-GR 24V / 9.8W
LFL-200RD2 24V / 12W LC-LFL-200 W 222mm x D 234mm x H 8mm
LFL-200 12V / 9.0W
LFL-200SW2 24V / 12W
LFL-200BL2 24V / 12W
LFL-200-BL 24V / 12W
LFL-200GR2 24V / 12W
LFL-200-GR 24V / 12W
LFL-360RD2 24V / 30W - W 310mm x D 410mm x H 16mm
LFL-360 12V / 27W
LFL-360SW2 24V / 37W
LFL-360BL2 24V / 38W
LFL-360-BL 24V / 40W
LFL-360-GR 24V / 40W

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