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Coaxial Light Units [Collimated Lighting]
These Coaxial Light Units radiate collimated light that is ideally suited for photographing minute scratches and dents or characters on reflective surfaces, such as CDs or wafers.


MSU Series
The MSU-series lineup includes five models with different fields of view. The emitted color can be selected from red (RD), white (SW), blue (BL), and green (GR).

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
MSU-10RD2 24V / 0.8W - W 46mm x D 74mm x H 116mm
MSU-10 12V / 0.7W
MSU-10SW2 24V / 0.4W
MSU-10-SW 12V / 0.7W
MSU-10BL2 24V / 0.4W
MSU-10-BL 12V / 0.7W
MSU-10-GR 12V / 0.7W
MSU-30RD2 24V / 0.8W - W 76mm x D 116mm x H 351mm
MSU-30 12V / 0.7W
MSU-30-SW 12V / 0.7W
MSU-30BL2 24V / 0.4W
MSU-30-BL 12V / 0.7W
MSU-30-GR 12V / 0.7W
MSU-30X20RD2 24V / 0.8W - W 66mm x D 95mm x H 126mm
MSU-30X20 12V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20SW2 24V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20-SW 12V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20BL2 24V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20-BL 12V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20GR2 24V / 0.5W
MSU-30X20-GR 12V / 0.5W
MSU-100 12V / 0.7W - W 180mm x D 259.2mm x H 680mm
MSU-100-SW 12V / 0.7W
MSU-100-BL 12V / 0.7W
MSU-100-GR 12V / 0.7W
MSU-130 12V / 0.7W - W 180mm x D 467mm x H 481mm
MSU-130SW2-CL 24V / 4.9W
MSU-130-CL 12V / 0.7W max., 24V / 4.9W max.

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