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Line Light Units [Convergent Lighting]
These Line Light Units radiate light that is converged into a straight line by using cylindrical lenses.


LN Series
The focusing position and focusing width of the radiated light can be adjusted for these Link Light Units to accurately irradiate only the inspection point.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LN-60RD2 24V / 2.1W - W 70mm x D 19.6mm x H 50mm
LN-60A 12V / 2.2W
LN-60SW2 24V / 1.0W
LN-60-SW 24V / 1.0W
LN-60BL2 24V / 1.0W
LN-60-BL 24V / 1.0W
LN-60GR2 24V / 1.0W
LN-60-GR 24V / 1.0W
LN-200RD2 24V / 3.1W - W 210mm x D 24.5mm x H 45.6mm
LN-200 12V / 2.4W
LN-200SW2 24V / 3/1W
LN-200-SW 24V / 3.3W
LN-200BL2 24V / 3.1W
LN-200-BL 24V / 3.3W
LN-200GR2 24V / 3.1W
LN-200-GR 24V / 3.3W
LN-60SW2-HK-STK 24V / 6.1W PSB Series W 70mm x D 24.5mm x H 82-97mm
LN-60SW-HK-STK 24V / 6.1W
LN-200SW2-HK-STK 24V / 22W W 210mm x D 24.5mm x H 82-97mm
LN-200SW-HK-STK 24V / 22W

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