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UV Light Units [Ultraviolet Lighting]
Uses an original LED with a peak emission wavelength of 365nm. Ideal for various types of photography using the difference in the scattering rate.


UV Series
Safety and reliability are achieved in these UV Light Units by using UV LEDs in which CCS¡Çs unique anti-spark structure is applied. CCS provides a rich product lineup of 9 series and 31 models.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LDR2-32UV365 24V / 0.4W - outer Φ32mm, inner Φ10mm, height 16mm
LDR2-42UV365 24V / 0.8W - outer Φ42mm, inner Φ18mm, height 18mm
LDR2-50UV365 24V / 1.2W - outer Φ50mm, inner Φ28mm, height 16mm
LDR2-70UV365 24V / 3.1W - outer Φ70mm, inner Φ35mm, height 22mm
LDR2-90UV365 24V / 3.8W - outer Φ90mm, inner Φ50mm, height 20mm
LDR2-90-30UV365 24V / 6.1W - outer Φ90mm, inner Φ30mm, height 20mm
LDR2-120UV365 24V / 9.5W - outer Φ120mm, inner Φ60mm, height 31.5mm
SQR-56UV365 24V / 1.6W - W 56mm x D 56mm x H 18mm
LDR2-74UV365-LA 24V / 1.9W - outer Φ74mm, inner Φ48mm, height 19mm
LDR2-100UV365-LA 24V / 4.6W - outer Φ100mm, inner Φ70mm, height 22mm
LDR2-132UV365-LA 24V / 6.9W - outer Φ132mm, inner Φ96mm, height 22mm
LDR2-170UV365-LA 24V / 9.9W - outer Φ170mm, inner Φ134mm, height 22mm
LDR2-208UV365-LA 24V / 12W - outer Φ208mm, inner Φ174mm, height 22mm
LDR-75UV365-LA-1 24V / 1.6W - outer Φ75mm, inner Φ46mm, height 12mm
LDR-96UV365-LA-1 24V / 2.3W - outer Φ96mm, inner Φ60mm, height 12mm
LDR-146UV365-LA-1 24V / 3.1W - outer Φ146mm, inner Φ110mm, height 12mm
LDR-176UV365-LA-1 24V / 3.8W - outer Φ176mm, inner Φ140mm, height 12mm
LDR-206UV365-LA-1 24V / 4.6W - outer Φ206mm, inner Φ170mm, height 12mm
LDL-34X8UV365 24V / 0.4W - W 10.4mm x D 44mm x H 15mm
LDL-42X15UV365 24V / 0.8W - W 17mm x D 52mm x H 20mm
LDL-74X27UV365 24V / 3.1W - W 28.8mm x D 86mm x H 18mm
LDL-82X15UV365 24V / 1.6W - W 17mm x D 92mm x H 20mm
LDL-130X15UV365 24V / 2.3W - W 17mm x D 140mm x H 21mm
LDL-180X16UV365 24V / 3.8W - W 18mm x D 191.4mm x H 21mm
LDQ-60-25UV365 24V / 1.6W - W 58mm x D 58mm x H 12mm
LDQ-78UV365 24V / 1.6W - W 78mm x D 78mm x H 17mm
LDQ-100UV365 24V / 3.1W - W 108mm x D 108mm x H 30.2mm
LDQ-150UV365 24V / 6.1W - W 148mm x D 148mm x H 30.2mm
LDQ-200UV365 24V / 9.1W - W 200mm x D 200mm x H 31.2mm
LN-200UV365 24V / 1.9W - W 24.5mm x D 210mm x H 45.6mm
LSP-41UV365 24V / 1.2W - outer Φ41mm, total length 51.5mm

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