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Low-angle Ring Light Units [Direct Lighting]
With these Light Units, the edges of the workpiece and any engraving or damage on the surfaces can be detected clearly through low-angle illumination.


LDR-LA-1 Series
LEDs are mounted perpendicularly on a line-shaped circuit board. The LEDs are arranged in a ring facing horizontally. The thin design has a thickness of only 10mm. The Light Units can be placed close to the workpiece.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LDR-75RD2-LA1 24V / 2.6W - Outer Φ75mm, Inner Φ46mm, Height 10mm
LDR-75LA-1 12V / 3.0W
LDR-75SW2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-75LA-1-SW 24V / 4.1W
LDR-75BL2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-75LA-1-BL 24V / 4.1W
LDR-75GR2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-75LA-1-GR 24V / 4.1W
LDR-96RD2-LA1 24V / 3.1W - Outer Φ96mm, Inner Φ60mm, Height 10mm
LDR-96LA-1 12V / 3.0W
LDR-96SW2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-96LA-1-SW 24V / 4.1W
LDR-96BL2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-96LA-1-BL 24V / 4.1W
LDR-96GR2-LA1 24V / 3.8W
LDR-96LA-1-GR 24V / 4.1W
LDR-146RD2-LA1 24V / 4.6W - Outer Φ146mm, Inner Φ110mm, Height 10mm
LDR-146LA-1 12V / 4.8W
LDR-146SW2-LA1 24V / 6.0W
LDR-146LA-1-SW 24V / 6.5W
LDR-146BL2-LA1 24V / 6.1W
LDR-146LA-1-BL 24V / 6.5W
LDR-146GR2-LA1 24V / 6.1W
LDR-146LA-1-GR 24V / 6.5W
LDR-176RD2-LA1 24V / 6.1W - Outer Φ176mm, Inner Φ140mm, Height 10mm
LDR-176LA-1 12V / 6.0W
LDR-176SW2-LA1 24V / 7.6W
LDR-176LA-1-SW 24V / 8.2W
LDR-176BL2-LA1 24V / 7.6W
LDR-176LA-1-BL 24V / 8.2W
LDR-176GR2-LA1 24V / 7.6W
LDR-176LA-1-GR 24V / 8.2W
LDR-206RD2-LA1 24V / 7.1W - Outer Φ206mm, Inner Φ170mm, Height 10mm
LDR-206LA-1 12V / 7.2W
LDR-206SW2-LA1 24V / 9.1W
LDR-206LA-1-SW 24V / 9.8W
LDR-206BL2-LA1 24V / 9.1W
LDR-206LA-1-BL 24V / 9.8W
LDR-206GR2-LA1 24V / 9.1W
LDR-206LA-1-GR 24V / 9.8W

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