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Low-angle Ring Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Light Units allow the edges of the workpiece and engraving or damage on surfaces to be detected through low-angle diffused light.


FPR Series
At a low angle, these Ring Light Units can be used to highlight and photograph characters and scratches in a dark field, and at a high angle, these Light Units can be used to uniformly photograph the entire workpiece in a bright field. CCS provides various types of lighting according to the application.

Model Name LED Color Power Comsumption Option Dimensions
FPR-100RD2 24V / 6.1W - Outer Φ100mm, Inner Φ73mm, Height 40mm
FPR-100 12V / 6.0W
FPR-100SW2 24V / 7.6W
FPR-100-BL2 24V / 7.6W
FPR-100-BL 24V / 8.2W
FPR-100-GR2 24V / 7.6W
FPR-100-GR 24V / 8.2W
FPR-136-RD2 24V / 9.1W - Outer Φ136mm, Inner Φ109mm, Height 40mm
FPR-136 12V / 9.3W
FPR-136SW2 24V / 12W
FPR-136-BL2 24V / 12W
FPR-136-BL 24V / 13W
FPR-136-GR2 24V / 12W
FPR-136-GR 24V / 13W
FPR-180RD2 24V / 13W - Outer Φ180mm, Inner Φ153mm, Height 40mm
FPR-180 12V / 13W
FPR-180SW2 24V / 16W
FPR-180-BL2 24V / 16W
FPR-180-BL 24V / 17W
FPR-180-GR2 24V / 16W
FPR-180-GR 24V / 17W

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