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Low-angle Square Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Light Units radiate diffused light from the sides of a square case. They are ideal for detecting the edges of square workpieces and engraving or damage on the surfaces.


FPQ2 Series
When photographing rectangular workpieces, such as a BGA or QFP, the four corners of the workpiece are too close to the Light Unit if a Low-angle Ring Light Unit is used. A FPQ2-series Rectangular Light Unit is ideal for such applications.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
FPQ2-20RD 24V / 1.5W - W 20mm x D 20mm x H 23mm
FPQ2-20SW 24V / 2.6W
FPQ2-20BL 24V / 1.8W
FPQ2-32RD 24V / 6.1W - W 32mm x D 32mm x H 30mm
FPQ2-32SW 24V / 5.1W
FPQ2-32BL 24V / 3.1W
FPQ2-48RD 24V / 5.8W - W 48mm x D 48mm x H 30mm
FPQ2-48SW 24V / 11W
FPQ2-48BL 24V / 7.1W
FPQ2-75RD 24V / 17W - W 75mm x D 75mm x H 30mm
FPQ2-75SW 24V / 16W
FPQ2-75BL 24V / 9.1W
FPQ2-96RD 24V / 15W - W 96mm x D 96mm x H 30mm
FPQ2-96SW 24V / 15W
FPQ2-96BL 24V / 13W
FPQ2-120RD 24V / 18W - W 120mm x D 120mm x H 30mm
FPQ2-120SW 24V / 21W
FPQ2-120BL 24V / 11W

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