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Dome Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Light Units uniformly radiate the entire surface of curved glossy workpieces without creating shadows.


HPD Series
These easy-to-use high-power Dome Light Units emit bright, uniform light. They achieve increased irradiance and uniform light distribution over a wide region, which makes them useful in a wide range of applications.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
HPD-100RD 24V / 9.0W - Outer Φ116mm, Inner Φ25mm, Height 57.4mm
HPD-100SW 24V / 14W
HPD-100BL 24V / 14W
HPD-150RD 24V / 16W - Outer Φ166mm, Inner Φ35mm, Height 81.9mm
HPD-150SW 24V / 20W
HPD-150BL 24V / 20W
HPD-250RD 24V / 25W - Outer Φ266mm, Inner Φ50mm, Height 131.5mm
HPD-250SW 24V / 37W
HPD-250BL 24V / 37W
HPD-400RD 24V / 25W - Outer Φ424mm, Inner Φ80mm, Height 205mm
HPD-400SW 24V / 41W
HPD-400BL 24V / 41W

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