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Dome Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
These Light Units uniformly radiate the entire surface of curved glossy workpieces without creating shadows.


LDM2 Series
These Dome Lights achieve uniform illumination in which light is radiated over the entire workpiece from a wide light-emitting surface by covering the entire Light Unit with a light-guiding diffusion plate.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LDM2-50RD2 24V / 3.6W - Outer Φ50mm, Inner Φ11mm, Height 40mm
LDM2-50RD 12V / 3.9W
LDM2-50SW2 24V / 5.0W
LDM2-50BL2 24V / 5.0W
LDM2-50BL 24V / 5.3W
LDM2-50GR2 24V / 5.0W
LDM2-50GR 24V / 5.3W
LDM2-90RD2 24V / 14W - Outer Φ94mm, Inner Φ16mm, Height 70mm
LDM2-90RD 12V / 14W
LDM2-90SW2 24V / 18W
LDM2-90BL2 24V / 18W
LDM2-90BL 24V / 18W
LDM2-90GR2 24V / 18W
LDM2-90GR 24V / 18W

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