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Compact Spotlights [Indirect Lighting]
Light weight, compactness, and low power consumption are features of these Spotlights, which are applicable to a wide range of applications.


LV Series
These Spotlights have a low power consumption of 0.7W, and a voltage input of 12V for all models. The emitted color can be selected from red (RD), white (SW), blue (BL), and green (GR).

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LV-27-RD2 24V / 0.8W - Outer Φ27mm, Tip Φ8mm, Total length 50mm
LV-27-R 12V / 0.7W
LV-27-SW2 24V / 0.4W
LV-27-SW 12V / 0.7W
LV-27-BL2 24V / 0.4W
LV-27-BL 12V / 0.7W
LV-27-GR2 12V / 0.7W
LV-27-GR 12V / 0.7W

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