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Flat Dome Light Units [Indirect Lighting]
Uniform diffused-light irradiation is achieved with these Dome Light Units through CCS¡Çs unique illumination technology. Coaxial epi-illumination and dome lighting are achieved with one unit.


LFX Series
These epoch-making Flat Dome Light Units were achieved through CCS¡Çs unique lighting technology. The dot pattern on the surface of the light-guiding diffusion plate controls the diffusion and transmission of the light. Uniform, shadow-free diffused light can be radiated on the workpiece.

Model Name LED Color Power Consumption Option Dimensions
LFX-50RD 24V / 2.4W - W 93mm x D 93mm x H 10mm
LFX-50SW 24V / 3.3W
LFX-50GR 24V / 2.4W
LFX-100RD 24V / 4.8W - W 143mm x D 143mm x H 10mm
LFX-100SW 24V / 6.5W
LFX-100BL 24V / 6.5W
LFX-100GR 24V / 6.5W
LFX-200RD 24V / 9.6W - W 247mm x D 247mm x H 10mm
LFX-200SW 24V / 13W
LFX-200BL 24V / 13W
LFX-200GR 24V / 13W

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